' What slots are playing today

What slots are playing today

Whenever you visit any casino, whether a land based or a virtual one, the first thing that catches your eye is the slot machines, otherwise known as 'one-armed bandits'. But if in a traditional gambling house they resemble large boxes with a scoreboard and a knob to start spinning the reels, in an online casino the software is responsible for the game. The reels are displayed on the monitor. If you decide to play the slots is not in a land-based casino, and its online version, you need to understand the working principle, rules, classification and types of gambling.

In addition, you need to be able to find winning slots in the casino. The fact is that not all machines give an equal chance of striking a prize combination. The same goes for the size of the winnings. Many popular slots often give out paying chains of symbols, but do not allow you to win a lot of money. If a gambler wants to make a big score, he must be able to find the paying slots.

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Slots: What they are and what they work for

A slot is a special device on which you can gamble alone, that is, without a croupier, other participants or additional devices. Slots allow the customer to win large sums of money without a substantial initial investment. In principle, all machines operate on this principle, but slots have the lowest stakes.

In most online casinos, you can play slots for money or use the free demo version. Free casino games allow newcomers to try out their skills before deciding to bet for real money. Experienced users use the demo version to test the effectiveness of a new strategy.

The popularity of slot machines is due to their ease of use and accessibility. Now, to play, unwind, experience excitement, thrill, no need to go far in search of a land-based casino, just visit the virtual institution. And you can do it at any time and in any place.

Many of the machines have the following special features:

• Multiplier. On a roll of this symbol or a particular combination, the winnings are increased by several times.
• The wild symbol replaces any picture that is missing to a winning combination.
• Scatter symbols. This takes into account the coincidence of pictures on the different reels. Thanks to scatter, a bonus game opens or the player wins the jackpot.
• On some machines, the customer decides when to stop spinning.
• Autoplay is the ability to perform all actions in automatic mode, pre-selecting the size of bets and setting the desired parameters.

Answering the question of what slots are better to play, you can recommend machines with freespins. In the game, a roll of a certain combination of symbols give free spins, in which you can win real money without risking your own deposit. Such machines are available at Legzo, Wave, Izzy, Jet, Sol, Rox, Fresh and Play Fortuna casinos.

Classification of slots

Before you play slots, it's a good idea to understand the classification of slot machines, so that you can choose one that suits your needs and your gaming preferences.

All slot machines are divided into two large groups:

1. Mechanical machines. The most popular representative of this category - the so-called one-armed bandit. To run the reel customer pulls the lever on one side. Similar machines can be found in any land-based casino. Mechanical varieties have a minimum of 5 paylines and no more than three reels. Of course, to call virtual machines mechanical machines would not be correct, because, in fact, it is software with a random number generator. Today, mechanical slots are considered an outdated form of gambling, so these machines are rarely found in land-based gambling houses and virtual institutions. Many gambling houses stand the old fruit slots with cherries, strawberries, bananas, bars.
2. Video slots differ from the mechanical variety by having a screen that shows the process of spinning the reel. Their total number varies between 3 and 9. Video versions of slots have significantly more paylines. Sometimes their number exceeds 200. Moreover, there are several hundred varieties of these slots, because the virtual gaming portals do not lack space for the placement of machines. Another difference between this type of entertainment is the presence of a variety of bonuses, prize games, winning options. Video slots are found in land-based gambling houses and in large numbers in online casinos. The main advantage is the bright, spectacular animation and support for a particular theme.

Separately, progressive slots are worth highlighting. They are presented in varying numbers in each casino. Here one only bets a fixed amount. The money is transferred to the bank account, where the accumulated jackpot is kept. In such slots, the player can win an unrealistically large amount.

There is also a classification based on the number of reels. They can be three, five to six or seven to nine. On the Internet more often there are models with five reels and a number of paylines. The gambler sometimes receives a bonus in the form of free spins (freespins). Prizes in the form of multiple winnings are available.

The most profitable slots

Separately, it is worth mentioning what slots give. On gaming portals gamblers will not find information with the percentage return on each slot. But this data is in other resources, which describe the features of different slot machines. To maximize the benefits players should choose slots with a percentage return of at least 95.

Volatility should also be taken into account. The parameter reflects the size and frequency of winnings. The lower the number, the higher the chances of winning prize money, but the amount of winnings decreases. Slots with high volatility have rare winnings, but in case of winning a client can expect to get a significant amount of money.


Most gaming portals have slots statistics. Thanks to this, gamblers can find out which slots are in play today, which machines have been hit for big winnings, and how long ago it happened. This information is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen on the main casino page. Game statistics are available at Legzo, Wave, Izzy, Jet, Sol, Rox, Fresh and Play Fortuna online clubs.

Thanks to this information, you can roughly draw conclusions about which slot gives you the winnings. The fact that the machines on which recently tore a big score, go to the mode of accumulation of money, and some time they cease to fall out prize combinations. At the same time, it is better to play the machines that are popular with gamblers, because there is a direct correlation between the amount of money invested in the machine in the form of bets, and the frequency of fallout winnings.

Advantages of slot machines

The only downside to all slot models is that you can lose your own money here. But to minimize losses experienced players advise to adhere to the following rules. If a person loses ¼ of the deposit, he stops playing. One should not bet more than a quarter of the deposit. If you get a big win, the money is taken away, the game is terminated.

Slots have common positive aspects:

1. an extensive choice of themes and slot manufacturers. The customer can choose models according to the number of paylines and reels, the quality of graphics and sound, the popularity of the provider and personal preferences.
2. it's easy to play slots, so even a newcomer can do it. There's no need to count and memorise, like in card games, or to think through strategies and plan your moves. Since winnings depend on the generator, the customer can relax and enjoy the excitement.
3. the slots interface is quite simple and straightforward. All the control buttons are on the screen, and to get detailed information you just need to press the "info" key.
4. the machine itself follows the winning combination and after the end of the rotation offers to pick up the winnings or continue the game. Also in automatic mode is the transition to the bonus round, if the desired picture or combination falls out.
5. Most of the slots are developed by the best software providers for virtual gambling establishments. Such products feature flawless graphics, smooth operation, user-friendly functionality and good sound. Realistic characters, exciting plot - all this creates a gambler's mood and takes him to the atmosphere, which supports the theme of the machine.
6. Another advantage of slots is a small amount of bets. If a customer wants to break the big score with a minimum investment, he can choose slots with an accumulative jackpot. The player himself chooses the size of bets on each line and, accordingly, the amount of winnings.
7. Most slot machines have a high percentage of return, which guarantees a win if you play long enough.
8. Both beginners and experienced gamblers can use the demo version of the slot to play for free. The former will gain confidence in their abilities, while the latter will get a chance to develop and test their own strategy.

Principle of operation and earnings licensed casino

To beat a casino, you need to understand the principles and rules of how it works. All game software in the portal operates using a random number generator. Due to the fact that the results of the fallen combination can not be predicted in advance, provides fair play.

The work of each slot is organized so that a certain percentage of the money invested by players goes to the benefit of the casino. Usually it is 3-6%. The rest of the money invested is distributed unevenly among the participants of the games. Percentage of return on gaming software laid down by the provider and amounts to 90-99%.

The principle of operation of a legal online institution is based on a license. Based on this document, the portal gets access to the server with the software. The outcome of the game depends only on the software; the casino cannot interfere with the process and influence the result. Since script casinos (without a license) use fake software, they regulate the percentage of payout of their machines themselves. This number depends on the desire of the establishment to profit from unfair play. Sometimes a portal gets up to 90 percent of money invested by players.

Scripto casino

It should be noted right away that a scripted casino is a gambling establishment that operates illegally, without a license. Such portals use unlicensed game software, but its imitation, so they can control the work of the machine, manipulate the results in favor of the casino and not pay out winnings.

Most often, winning combinations are rare on such sites. But even if a player manages to get money, he simply cannot withdraw it from the site. The purpose of such gambling clubs is personal gain. You can find a lot of negative feedback from players on the net about such fake casinos.

Script portals do not use licensed software, but apply its fake variety. The games only look real, but actually work mainly for the benefit of the casino, pulling money out of customers.

The main signs of a fake casino:

• The website has no information about the licence, the owners of the establishment and the location of the head office;
• Portal lure players with promises of great rewards for the first and subsequent deposits;
• To attract visitors, the home page contains untrue information about the availability of a large jackpot;
• The official website has a lot of mirrors, because the portal is constantly blocked;
• poor assortment of games;
• any winning schemes do not bring victory even to experienced gamblers;
• On the main page there is promising information about the variety of withdrawal methods, but in fact they turn out to be 3 or 4;
• portal does not pay out winnings, coming up with various reasons to deny the player to get the honestly won money;
• The casino supports 1-2 types of currencies and is not multi-lingual;
• In most cases, there are downloadable clients to bypass blocking.

More often than not, there is no game with a real croupier in a script club. There are a lot of negative reviews and complaints about non-payment of money on the web. Communicating with support ends with empty promises at best, and sometimes it does not get any response.

Rating of the best casinos and games

So that players do not have to look for a reliable gaming portal, the network is the best online casinos rankings. When compiling them, the availability of a licensing agreement was primarily taken into account. Equally important are user reviews, as well as payout percentages. When choosing a reliable gaming sites, it is important to assess the range of software, the presence of bonus offers and a loyalty program.

Particular attention should be paid to the speed and convenience of transactions. Good casinos provide their customers with many different ways to deposit and withdraw money. As a rule, all transactions are instantaneous or take minimum time. No less important to the rating of the portal has the work of support service.

If we talk about the rating of slots, it is constantly changing. However, some slot machines never cease to be popular among gamblers.

The best slots in different categories:

• New machines. The Emirate 2, Sticky Piggy, Eagle's Gold, Athena's Glory, Tiki Goddess, Fortune Rewind.
• Jackpot Games. Major Millions, Treasure Nile, Wowpot, CashSplash 3 Reel/5 Reel.
• Traditional Slots. Midas Golden Touch, Book of Dead, Shining Crown, Supreme Hot, Big Bamboo, Burning Hot.

Pros and cons of scripted and licensed casinos

Some players like certain games and slots so much that they don't care which casino to play at. That's the only upside of scripted casinos - they satisfy the customer's craving for gambling. That's where the pluses end, because the positive emotions of winning are not there.

Other disadvantages of a script casino are:

• Low probability of getting big winnings;
• non-payment of honestly won money to players;
• Use of unlicensed software, the percentage of payout which the casino owners manually adjust to themselves;
• In the case of non-payment of money the client cannot sue, because the portal operates illegally;
• A meagre range of gaming software, with virtually no new games appearing;
• No live casino where you can play with a real croupier.

All of these disadvantages are deprived of legal casinos. Of course, there are negative reviews on the web and to their address, which are often associated with delayed payment terms. But then it is hard to say through whose fault the delay occurred. This may be due to the work of the payment system. Sometimes customers themselves make mistakes and put on the withdrawal of unplayed money.

Licensed casinos have many more advantages:

1. due to the fact that the portal conducts legitimate activities and values its reputation, the player can be confident in the payment of even the largest winnings. 2. legal portals cooperate with the best providers of game software that is constantly replenishing the range with new games. 3. at sites newcomers receive bonuses for first deposits and even no deposit bonuses, and regular customers can count on the privileges of the loyalty program. 4. There is a cumulative jackpot that allows you to win a huge amount of money. 5. The payoff of the slot is set automatically by the manufacturer and the casino cannot influence this parameter or the winning combination. 6. Large daily withdrawal limit, many convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money. 7. The casino runs tournaments, promotions and lotteries, which draw big prizes.

In a gambling establishment with a license any client has a real chance to win. And in the honesty of the game can not doubt, because the providers of gaming software regularly conduct independent testing game portals, which conclude licensing agreements.

How to beat a casino

If you decide to beat a casino slot machine, you should remember that the gambling establishment will always be in the black. However, the use of successful strategies and knowledge of the nuances of certain games can greatly increase your chances of winning.

To answer the question of whether you can beat the casino, it's worth checking the effectiveness of the schemes and strategies. It should be noted right away that all of them do not work, because the success of the game depends on a random number generator. In other words, it is impossible to predict which combination or number will fall out during the game.

It is not advisable to use various software to win, because their use is illegal and punishable by blocking the account with the subsequent freezing of all funds in the player's account. Moreover, such software will not give the expected effectiveness, because it is impossible to cheat the machine or program it to work in certain parameters.

Rating formation

Anyone who plays at a casino has repeatedly noticed the ribbon that announces the latest winnings at various slots. But the winnings feed doesn't really give you a lot of detail. So which slots have the highest winning rates? By aggregating this information into a single ranking, taking into account the total amount won by all players on a particular slot, you can find out which slots are playing today.

The game statistics provided by the casino itself can partly be trusted, but remember that when there are no wins in the slots, the tape just starts spinning around in anticipation of a fresh winner. Objective slot statistics should exclude scrolling repeats, and show real data on slot winnings. The final statistics are gathered from information obtained from different casinos. After its analysis and processing it is possible to make an objective rating of slots.